Greg Wyard Solo Entertainer Bookings

If you would like to book Greg to play for your private function, you can reach him by email at greg AT wyard DOT com. Greg has worked as a solo entertainer since the mid-eighties, performing at bars, clubs, weddings, parties, boat cruises – anywhere live music is needed.

Greg is a solo entertainer – a guy who sings and plays guitar. Check out his stripped down versions of Bohemian Rhapsody and Baba O’Riley in the videos section. However, what makes Greg unique is that, when needed, he can create his own backing band on the fly, without the use of any backing tracks.

He does this by singing and playing guitar, bass and percussion while recording, overdubbing and looping his performance on a loop pedal. (For those not familiar with the term, a loop pedal is basically a digital recorder controlled with foot-switches. It can record, overdub and playback repeatedly in a loop, enabling the performer to create an elaborate live performance that builds as it goes along). So starting with a blank slate, what starts as a drum beat and a guitar quickly becomes the sound of a full band. When the song is over, he erases it and moves onto the next one. The best part about this is that Greg can be spontaneous with his set list, and he always encourages his audience to give him requests.


Speaking of requests, Greg has a HUGE repertoire of cover songs, plus his own originals. While his influences sit comfortably in the classic rock realm, he can also play pop, dance, country, blues and jazz. Feel free to browse the list, and you’ll see quite a variety.


Here Greg plays “Ramble On” at Black Dog Pub