Thank-you to my friend Clifton David Broadbridge introducing me to Eddie Kramer last night. I went over to play Clifton some of my live band mixes, and was surprised to find none other than Eddie Kramer sitting in on the listening session. Clifton has been working for several years with Eddie, and they are currently working on a project together. For those of you who may not know, Eddie is a world-renowned recording engineer who perhaps most famously engineered the Beatles “All You Need Is Love” bed tracks and the entire “Baby You’re A Rich Man” session at Olympic Studios in 1967. He’s a very amiable and interesting guy. I was fascinated to be able to ask him direct questions about those sessions, especially about the clavioline that was used on “Baby You’re A Rich Man”.

Anyway, he was kind enough to compliment some of the mixing work I had done, and needless to say, that was a huge compliment.