I had my third voice lesson from Elaine Overholt yesterday. Wish I had gone to see her years ago! One thing I’ve always struggled with is singing high sustained notes without the strain, and I’ve discovered that I’ve developed a singing technique where my head is locked and I am always shooting for high notes with too much force, and wearing out my voice in the process. There is a vocal technique I had never heard of before called “covered sound”, where the vocal cords vibrate in the middle but not at both ends, so you can sing high notes without fatigue that vibrating the whole vocal cord would cause. It takes time to learn, perhaps years to do properly, but now that I’m aware of it at least I can get started. Elaine showed me a video of Luciano Pavarotti explaining this very process. Of course I’ll never be anywhere remotely close to his level, but if I can learn a couple of tricks from someone, he’s a good place to start. Here’s the video Elaine showed me – fascinating to hear him make these beautiful sounds sitting in a chair in a TV studio